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In early 2022, we aimed to use our expertise in digital marketing and market connections to make the dressing table stool industry more accessible and inclusive for both buyers and sellers. While there are already several websites that offer a platform for designers and sellers, we wanted to enhance that experience.

We realized that larger companies had taken advantage of the pandemic to further grow and solidify their place in the industry by focusing on SEO and digital marketing, leaving smaller suppliers struggling.

Our goal was to address this imbalance and highlight the amazing and creative designs from our sellers. The last two years have seen a tremendous amount of creativity and unique styles emerge in the market, and we wanted to make these designs more widely available.

Our vision for the company is to create a supportive environment where everyone can succeed while also providing top-notch customer service.

Thank you for finding out more about Jones Dressing Table Stools, the premiere Dressing Table Stools Company.

This passion project of ours is a lifetime commitment, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share more about who we are with you.

Although we may be a smaller company in comparison to our competitors, our customers and their needs are at the centre of everything we do. Our heart and soul is in serving and satisfying our customers.

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